November is National Senior Pet Health Month!

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golden dog with sign around neck that says I am 15 years old

Help us celebrate National Senior Pet Health Month! Throughout November, we are honoring senior pets with 10% off our Senior Preventive Care Blood Screening. Our goal is to ensure your loved one is in optimal health throughout their golden years!

infographic depicting Fred the dog and Millie the cat

Our main concerns with older pets are weight, nutrition, pain and organ diseases. As a result, we believe senior pets should have semi-annual veterinary visits instead of just annual visits in order to promote early detection and keep your pets happy! Controlling weight and pain as well as early detection of organ disease is the easiest way to ensure a healthier and happier life for your furry friends.

To schedule your pet(s) senior preventive care visit, please call 561-966-1171.

happy family having Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving should be a time of togetherness and good feelings. The last thing you want for your holiday is an emergency trip to the veterinary hospital. Unfortunately, there are a number of dangers sitting in your dining room that could be the cause of just such a scenario.  Learn more about the dangers of dogs eating Thanksgiving food.

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