Safe and Affordable Health Care for your Pet in West Palm Beach, FL

Veterinary Dental ServicesDental

We are proud to provide our patients with the newest and most accurate Digital Dental Radiology equipment available. We offer anesthetic dentals and non-anesthetic dentals.

A veterinarian should evaluate your pet’s dental health at least once a year.

We recommend this because bacteria and food debris accumulates around a pet’s teeth and, if left unchecked, will lead to deterioration of the soft tissue and bone surrounding the teeth. This decay results in irreversible periodontal disease and even tooth loss. There are other reasons why you should pay close attention to your pet’s dental health.

Dental disease can affect other organs in the body: bacteria in the mouth can get into the bloodstream and may cause serious kidney infections, liver disease, lung disease, and heart valve disease. Oral disease can also indicate that another disease process is occurring elsewhere in a pet’s body.

A thorough physical exam combined with appropriate laboratory work can determine if this is the case. We can recommend and demonstrate preventative measures you can begin at home to avoid costly dental procedures with your pet in the future.

Veterinary Ultrasound ServicesUltrasound

We have a Mobile Digital Ultrasound and Board Certified Specialists come to our hospital to help diagnose your pets medical condition and to help determine the cause of particular illness and determine the most effective treatment plan.

The utmost care is taken by a registered sonographer to achieve diagnostic quality images. Then, a board certified specialist interprets study results.

A quick turnaround time helps reduce the apprehension that clients feel while waiting for results and allow doctors to proceed with treatment as quickly as possible.

Philips Lumify Ultrasound

Now available in our hospital, handheld portable ultrasound which can be performed while you and your pet are here for an appointment.

The Philips Lumify is a handheld ultrasound device that allows non-invasive internal imaging. This small, ultraportable ultrasound is not meant to replace a full ultrasound read by a board-certified radiologist but will act as an adjuvant. It allows us to make quick decisions in emergent situations, is more cost-effective if only a single or small area needs to be examined, and can help determine if a more extensive ultrasound is warranted. We can do things like locating the bladder to obtain a urine sample or to look for bladder stones, determine if there is fluid in the abdomen or the chest, search for GI foreign bodies that would not show up on radiographs, and much more.



tonometry vet serviceIt is crucial for your pet’s vision that we detect and treat glaucoma and other problems with intraocular pressure (pressure within the eye) as quickly as possible. We can test your dog or cat’s eyes for excess pressure easily and safely. The test, performed with a device called a tonometer, is not painful and does not require sedation. Increased pressure within the eye itself can be extremely painful for your pet and constitutes a medical emergency to prevent rupturing of the eyeball.  A specialized instrument is lightly touched to the cornea of the eye to measure the pressures. This is just one of the ways we care for your pet’s eyes. Additional tests may include Schirmer Tear Test to test for dry eye, or Fluorescein Staining to check your pet’s eyes for ulcers or scratches

Symptoms and Types

There are two main types of glaucoma: primary and secondary. Symptoms of sudden primary disease, due to the eye’s inability to drain through the filtration angles of the eye, are as follows:

  • High pressure within the eye
  • Blinking of the eye
  • The eyeball may recede back into the head
  • Redness of the blood vessels in the whites of eyes
  • Cloudy appearance at front of the eye
  • Dilated pupil – or pupil does not respond to light
  • Vision loss

Long-term, advanced disease:

  • Enlargement of the eyeball (buphthalmos)
  • Obvious loss of vision
  • Advanced degeneration within the eye

 Symptoms of secondary glaucoma, or glaucoma due to secondary eye infection(s), include:

  • High pressure within the eye
  • Redness of the blood vessels in the whites of eyes
  • Cloudy appearance at front of the eye
  • Inflammatory debris visible in the front of the eye
  • Possible constriction of the pupil
  • Possible sticking of the iris to either the cornea or the lens
  • Possible that the edge of the iris circularly sticks to the lens

In addition, there may be:

  • Headaches, with head pressing to relieve feelings of pressure in the head
  • Loss of appetite
  • Change in attitude, less desire to play or interact

 Veterinary SurgerySurgery

River Bridge Animal Hospital & Laser Therapy Center offers our clients a state of the art surgical facility. The doctors offer a full range of soft tissue procedures and referral capability for more advanced orthopedics. All surgical patients are monitored with blue tooth technology. We monitor ECG, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, respiratory rate, and temperature. Our surgical cases are supported with IV. fluids through I.V. infusion pumps, and I.V. warmer. We also maintain body temperature with a Bair Hugger warming system.

Veterinary Laser TherapyLaser Therapy

We also provide new laser therapy technology for dogs and cats to soothe pains and problems.

Here are some of the biological effects of therapeutic lasers:

  • Accelerated Tissue Repair And Cell Growth
  • Faster Wound Healing
  • Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation
  • Anti-Inflammation
  • Anti-Pain (Analgesic)
  • Improved Vascular Activity
  • Increased Metabolic Activity
  • Improved Nerve Function
  • Immunoregulation
  • Trigger Points and Acupuncture Points

Veterinary Digital X-RayDigital X-rays

River Bridge Animal Hospital & Laser Therapy Center offers on-site radiology and within minutes we can have your pets x-rays taken and ready for interpretation. We are proud to offer digital radiographs. These radiographs allow us to magnify areas of concern and lighten and darken the image without having to retake the x-ray.

We also offer radiograph interpretation with a board certified Veterinary Radiologist.

Veterinary In-House BloodworkIn House Bloodwork

Our on-site laboratory offers our patients fast results. Having the ability to run diagnostic bloodwork allows doctors to initiate rapid treatment, helping your pet feel better faster. The office is also affiliated with a large off-site laboratory for extended diagnostics.

Veterinary PharmacyPharmacy

As a full service hospital, we have a fully stocked pharmacy to treat our patients. For patients with special medication needs, we are affiliated with local compounding pharmacy companies. Medications are often available within 24 hours.

Veterinary Grooming and BathGrooming/Baths

We offer baths on a daily basis. Our baths include an ear cleaning, expression of the anal glands, and a nail trim. We use a variety of shampoos based on your pet’s skins and needs. Our groomer Bill is here Monday through Friday. Your pet is welcome to stay the day with us to make your grooming appointment more convenient.

Pet BoardingBoarding

Dog Hotel – Your dog will be individually leash walked three to four times daily during their stay here. We strive to make comfortable accomodations with personalized attention. If your pet requires special food or medication please notify us at check in. Medications will be administered with a nominal charge.

Kitty Ville – Our feline boarding is quiet and clean. The cats are housed on the far side of the hospital away from the stress of barking dogs. Your feline friend will be given individual attention and interaction several times daily. Food will be monitored and bathroom habits.